Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend campout

Baily and Morgan both tryed out for the dance team at the high school for next year. They went Wednesday to learn the routine, then returned on Friday for tryouts. Both were very nervous about making it thru, but just a few hours after leaving, they both received a text. Both girls made the team. They are so excited. I am happy for them both.

Both of them had plans for the holiday weekend, which did not include us :) Morgan and her friend had tickets to see Hunter Hayes in concert up in Kentucky. Baily spent the weekend with her cousin Jessica.

We finally got our tent and all the supplies we ordered from Wal-Mart. We wanted to set the thing up in the back yard to give us the opportunity to get familiar with it, and also to spray it with water repellant.

We figured Memorial weekend was the perfect opportunity to do just that. I must say, it was a good thing we did! We opened the tent and found the instructions. It is a 3 room cabin tent. Huge! Not to mention, neither of us really had any idea what we were doing :)

We got the tent spread out on the ground.

After some reading....arguing.....reading, we finally managed to get it up off the ground and looking like a tent :)

I was really glad we decided to put the tent up before we took it to the campground. No need to look like bunch of amateurs in front of the entire campground!

I am very pleased with the size of the tent. Plenty of room for our big family to spread out. I found a good deal on Local Sales Network on 3 new queen size air mattresses. We are picking those up tomorrow.

We had our friend Dianne and her son Brandon over for a few hours. Roasted hot dogs, made smores and visited for a while. It was a nice relaxing evening.

Around 10:00, we put out the fire, and settled in our new tent for the night. It was a cool night with a heavy dew, but we stayed snug and dry. The frogs sang us a lullaby and we fell asleep quickly.

I think the campground is going to work out nicely for us next month for vacation. We are all getting very excited for June 25th to get here!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family Pics

Saturday and Sunday were busy days for us all. We drained the pool (what a job), scrubbed it and refilled it (took 2 days to fill). Danny brought me home a trailer full of mulch. He had to work all day Sunday so I spent the day mulching and planting the flower beds. They look really nice.

Before we started all the work :) we had an appointment to have our family pics made. We hadn't done this in a several years, and Rachael had used someone who did an awesome job for her, Jordan and Logan at Easter.

We decided to do the pics here at our house. We live in the country, and wanted them to be personal and fun. Well, fun they were! I highly recommend Andrea Dawn Photography (look her up on Facebook). She was great to work with and did a fantastic job.

Our new pic at the top of our blog is one of hers too, and if you live in the middle TN area, I encourage you to contact her.

She is affordable and fun and will pretty much do your pics where ever you want. I am very happy with the way ours turned out. Thanks Andrea!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day

I hope everyone had a great mother's day Sunday. This week has flown by like every other week this year. I came home Monday to an empty house. Lori had picked all the kids up and took them to the Livingston pool for a pool party sponsored by the tennis team. A little cool for swimming, but they had a good time. I don't think kids even feel cold :)

This is the last full week of school. Baily has been busy with finals. Morgan is enjoying her last few days at Rickman (k - 8) She will be a freshman in the fall.

I was able to get Taylor signed up for summer camp at the city park where he went last year. They have a really nice program that keeps the kids busy all summer. I wish the girls could go too. 12 is the oldest age they take. At 14, they are not old enough to get a summer job, but too old for camp :)

We have someone coming on Saturday to take family pictures. I am really excited to have them done here at our home. Bentley and Daisy will be able to get in on the fun!

We are picking up our tent this evening that finally came in, so hopefully this weekend we can get it set up in the back yard and seal the seams. Vacation will be here before we know it!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

What a great mothers day weekend! Logan spent the night on Friday and stayed most of the day of Saturday. His eye infection is starting to clear up, although the antibiotics have given him a pretty bad case of diarrhea. Even so, he is on the mend :)

MJ and Yavonna stopped by for a few minutes to visit. Yavonna has some sinus issues going on and was planning on spending her only day off (Sunday), resting and hopefully feeling better. Thanks for the windchimes guys!

Saturday night we went to eat at my favorite Chinese place. It is small, locally owned and has the best buffet. The staff there are so friendly. The waitress gave Danny and Taylor a lesson in using chopsticks. Hilarious!!

For Mothers Day, Taylor made a recipe book in class. The teacher compiled a book of the kids favorite recipes and included the kids version of that recipe on the opposite page. It is so funny and priceless. Those are the best gifts.

I want to send out a big Happy Mothers Day to the 2 best moms, Cathy and Diane. We love you guys. You both are great moms and even though we all live so far apart, we cherish each moment we have with you both. You made Danny and I into the people we are today, and in my opinion, you both did a pretty darn good job :)

Also, to Rachael, you are doing such a good job raising our grandson Logan. We are very proud of you and the choices you have made. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. I hope you all take some time for yourselves and relax, do something fun, spend time with your families.

Thursday, May 10, 2012 tent

Part of my camping order arrived yesterday. Everything but the tent. I am hoping it will come soon so we can set it up in the yard and seal the seams, practice putting it up and basically get it (and us) ready to go camping! I am getting really excited about our Holiday World/Lake Rudolph trip.

Rachael had to take Logan to the Dr twice in the last week. He has some sort of eye infection. We at first thought pink eye, but now its looking like something else. He is now on antibiotic eye drops and oral antibiotics. It does not appear to be getting any better. He is going back to the Dr today.

I had a meeting after work yesterday at Crawdaddys in Cookeville. Such a great place to eat. Our speaker, Dr Jamison from Nashville was funny, entertaining and informative. Really a great combination. All in all it was a good day.

Well, the kids are off to school and Danny had to be to work by 6:30, so I have the house to myself for the next 45 minutes. Time go get ready for work myself :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vacation plans!

We are planning our vacation this year to Holiday World in Santa Clause, Indiana. I have spent the last few years reading some great reviews and now its time to see for ourselves! I am getting very excited.

I reserved a spot in the Lake Rudolph campground, which is right across the street from the amusement park. There is a shuttle, so we wont have to drive once we get to the park.

Holiday World is a family run amusement park that includes a water park for the same admission price. We are leaving June 25th. It should take us no more than 4 hours to drive.

I have ordered a 3 room cabin tent to camp in at Lake Rudolph. The girls are less than excited about that, but I think it will be fun. I am hoping the tent purchase will allow us to visit more places that are not within our budget :-)

Speaking of budget, the campground fee is only $30 per night, which includes electric and water. We can also get our Holiday World tickets there for a discounted price, $65 a ticket for 2 days. Yes, that says 2 days! I am hoping this will become an annual trip for us. More to come, but for now, its time to go face my Monday :-)