Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wow. Has it really been that long???

I can't believe I have not posted on this blog since we left on vacation! It sure has been an busy summer. Between work, kids and the new donut machine, I hardly feel like I have time to anything extra.

Vacation was great. Holiday World was alot of fun and has already made the list of things to do again next year. We stayed in Lake Rudolph in our new tent and that was a good choice as well. They are very family friendly there. Each night there was something fun to do. We watched a movie one night and attended karaoke another.

The campground rents out golf carts. Everyone decorated their golf carts with the most fun decorations and ideas. You could tell that alot of thought had been put into some of the themes. Each evening around dusk, all the carts would line up and parade through the campground. It was such a fun, family friendly place. I can hardly wait til next year. We will be decorating a cart of our own!

The shuttle from the campground to Holiday World ran all day. We never had any problem getting back and forth. It was nice to return to our camp site, have lunch and relax for a bit before returning to the amusement/water park each evening. (not to mention waayyy cheaper than eating in the park every meal). The staff at the park were all very nice and attentive. The lines were longer in the afternoon for the water park, but the wait times were not bad at all.

On Thursday we left Santa Clause IN and drove to Michigan to surprise Danny's parents for the weekend.  Surprise them we did! They were happy to see us coming up the drive and we were able to hang out with extended family as they had planned a campout for the weekend there.

Danny's parents have since been to TN to see us. They spent 3 weeks traveling out west visiting with family and seeing some sights. They arrived here on a Friday evening and stayed until Monday. It has been very nice to be able to spend so much time with them this summer.

I hope to be able to keep the blog up to date. I really like being able to go back and read the older posts. I will be working on updating our donut adventures over on the Grams Mini Donut page so don't forget to check in there as well.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 1 of vacation in the books

As I suspected, Friday lasted an eternity! I finally made it to 5:00 and headed to camp to pick up Taylor. He managed to get through 2 entire weeks without getting 1 disciplinary form! Oh, the difference an incentive can make :) We had been giving him hints every day about what his surprise was that he was working so hard for. By Friday evening, he still had not figured it out, so we told him.

Our girls are the same age, therefore have each other to hang out with during vacation. That normally leaves Danny, Taylor and I. We thought it would be nice for him to be able to bring a friend along. So, Taylor's friend Chase will be joining us this week. That will give him a little buddy to ride the rides with and I think we will all have a more enjoyable week.

After picking up Taylor, we drove to Rachael's and collected Logan for the night. He was so excited to see us. I love having him on Friday nights. We came home and played in the pool for about an hour, then had dinner. Baily spent the night with her cousin Jessica and Morgan stayed with her dad, so it was just me and the boys (Danny included).

On Saturday after Logan left I did some cleaning, picked up Baily and we headed to town to do some shopping. Morgan met up with us there and we then went to our friend Leah's Premier Jewelry party. Our girls day out was alot of fun and we all three wound up with a fun new necklace.

We leave on Monday to Lake Rudolph Campground. We will get the tent set up and Tuesday it is off to Holiday World. We will have wifi access in the campground, so I may try and post pics daily if I have any energy left at the end of each day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday...I thought you would never get here!!

This has definately been the slowest week ever. I feel like I have things at work as caught up as possible. It's a good thing because my regular pharmacist decided to take the day off for a long weekend. Jill has an afternoon appointment already scheduled, which leaves me with a temp for the latter part of today. It's only 4 hours though, and once I make it to 5 o'clock, its vacation time!!

I'm pretty sure Logan will get to come and spend the night. I miss him through the week, but it makes seeing him on Fridays that much sweeter. We tossed around the idea of taking him with us on vacation. We decided he is really too little to fully enjoy himself yet, and we already have a vanload of stuff to squeeze in to take.

Taylor has made it through the week and managed to stay out of trouble! We have had so much fun giving him hints about his vacation surprise. So far, he has not been able to guess. I will give him the final hints tonight after camp. He is going to be so pleased.

Saturday evening the girls and I are going to a jewelry party at a friends house. I am looking forward to some girl time with them. Then, Sunday will be spent getting everything ready and loaded for vacation. We are leaving Monday morning for the week and I am ready!

Now, off to face my Friday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vacation is right around the corner!

3 more days of work and we will be free for an entire week! My entire household is excited about our trip to Holiday World.

We have promised Taylor a surprise for vacation if he can make it thru the week with no disciplinary forms from camp. Each day that he behaves well, he gets a hint about the surprise. So far, he hasn't figured it out :-)

It has been a busy few days at work. I am doing my best to make next week as painless as possible for my co-worker Jill. She is so great to work with and will be working longer hours to fill my spot while I am off. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Off on yet another quest

Yet another week is coming to a close. They do go by quickly! Baily did a week of summer school to bring up her grade in algebra. Today will be her last day and I know she is glad!

Thursday was her birthday. She turned 15 and cant wait to go take the test for her permit. I'm sure that will happen next wweek. She asked for meatball subs for her birthday and Taylor helped me pick her out a small cake. She is having a party on Saturday, but i wanted to do something on her birthday as well.

We ordered her a new phone earlier in the week, and it came right on time! More updates on the party in a few days.

On a sad note, one of Baily's classmates passed away this week and another is in critical condition. Three boys were riding bicycles on the road after dark. It was hard to see them and they were struck by a truck. James was killed. Only 16 years old. Such a sad accident. His friend is still in pretty bad shape and we are praying for him and all the families involved.

Danny and I are off on another adventure. I have created a blog specifically for our new business Grams Mini Donuts for anyone who wants to follow along.

We are pretty excited about adding this new delicacy to our area. It is going to be a fun way to achieve our goals for the future.

Off to get my Friday started.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another great weekend

Here we are at the end of another great weekend. Nothing spectacular. Just hung out with Danny and the kids. To me, those are the best ones!

The girls had a "bonding meeting" with the dance team at the sk8 on Sunday afternoon. Dance camp starts on Monday and the coach thought it would be good to get all the girls together to get to know each other. Considering they will be spending 9 hours together every day next week, it was probably a pretty good idea. They had a good time.

On Saturday, the kids and I went to Keelie's first bd party at Standing Stone State Park. (Keelie is Logans little sister). She turned 1 and we had a good time getting to meet the other side of the family. (Got to hang out with Logan while we were there too).

Keelie got lots of great gifts and had fun smashing cake all over.

Sunday is winding down now and we are all gearing up for a week of work, camp for Taylor and Dance camp for the girls. Only 2 more weeks til Baily's bd and 3 weeks til vacation.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend campout

Baily and Morgan both tryed out for the dance team at the high school for next year. They went Wednesday to learn the routine, then returned on Friday for tryouts. Both were very nervous about making it thru, but just a few hours after leaving, they both received a text. Both girls made the team. They are so excited. I am happy for them both.

Both of them had plans for the holiday weekend, which did not include us :) Morgan and her friend had tickets to see Hunter Hayes in concert up in Kentucky. Baily spent the weekend with her cousin Jessica.

We finally got our tent and all the supplies we ordered from Wal-Mart. We wanted to set the thing up in the back yard to give us the opportunity to get familiar with it, and also to spray it with water repellant.

We figured Memorial weekend was the perfect opportunity to do just that. I must say, it was a good thing we did! We opened the tent and found the instructions. It is a 3 room cabin tent. Huge! Not to mention, neither of us really had any idea what we were doing :)

We got the tent spread out on the ground.

After some reading....arguing.....reading, we finally managed to get it up off the ground and looking like a tent :)

I was really glad we decided to put the tent up before we took it to the campground. No need to look like bunch of amateurs in front of the entire campground!

I am very pleased with the size of the tent. Plenty of room for our big family to spread out. I found a good deal on Local Sales Network on 3 new queen size air mattresses. We are picking those up tomorrow.

We had our friend Dianne and her son Brandon over for a few hours. Roasted hot dogs, made smores and visited for a while. It was a nice relaxing evening.

Around 10:00, we put out the fire, and settled in our new tent for the night. It was a cool night with a heavy dew, but we stayed snug and dry. The frogs sang us a lullaby and we fell asleep quickly.

I think the campground is going to work out nicely for us next month for vacation. We are all getting very excited for June 25th to get here!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Family Pics

Saturday and Sunday were busy days for us all. We drained the pool (what a job), scrubbed it and refilled it (took 2 days to fill). Danny brought me home a trailer full of mulch. He had to work all day Sunday so I spent the day mulching and planting the flower beds. They look really nice.

Before we started all the work :) we had an appointment to have our family pics made. We hadn't done this in a several years, and Rachael had used someone who did an awesome job for her, Jordan and Logan at Easter.

We decided to do the pics here at our house. We live in the country, and wanted them to be personal and fun. Well, fun they were! I highly recommend Andrea Dawn Photography (look her up on Facebook). She was great to work with and did a fantastic job.

Our new pic at the top of our blog is one of hers too, and if you live in the middle TN area, I encourage you to contact her.

She is affordable and fun and will pretty much do your pics where ever you want. I am very happy with the way ours turned out. Thanks Andrea!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day

I hope everyone had a great mother's day Sunday. This week has flown by like every other week this year. I came home Monday to an empty house. Lori had picked all the kids up and took them to the Livingston pool for a pool party sponsored by the tennis team. A little cool for swimming, but they had a good time. I don't think kids even feel cold :)

This is the last full week of school. Baily has been busy with finals. Morgan is enjoying her last few days at Rickman (k - 8) She will be a freshman in the fall.

I was able to get Taylor signed up for summer camp at the city park where he went last year. They have a really nice program that keeps the kids busy all summer. I wish the girls could go too. 12 is the oldest age they take. At 14, they are not old enough to get a summer job, but too old for camp :)

We have someone coming on Saturday to take family pictures. I am really excited to have them done here at our home. Bentley and Daisy will be able to get in on the fun!

We are picking up our tent this evening that finally came in, so hopefully this weekend we can get it set up in the back yard and seal the seams. Vacation will be here before we know it!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

What a great mothers day weekend! Logan spent the night on Friday and stayed most of the day of Saturday. His eye infection is starting to clear up, although the antibiotics have given him a pretty bad case of diarrhea. Even so, he is on the mend :)

MJ and Yavonna stopped by for a few minutes to visit. Yavonna has some sinus issues going on and was planning on spending her only day off (Sunday), resting and hopefully feeling better. Thanks for the windchimes guys!

Saturday night we went to eat at my favorite Chinese place. It is small, locally owned and has the best buffet. The staff there are so friendly. The waitress gave Danny and Taylor a lesson in using chopsticks. Hilarious!!

For Mothers Day, Taylor made a recipe book in class. The teacher compiled a book of the kids favorite recipes and included the kids version of that recipe on the opposite page. It is so funny and priceless. Those are the best gifts.

I want to send out a big Happy Mothers Day to the 2 best moms, Cathy and Diane. We love you guys. You both are great moms and even though we all live so far apart, we cherish each moment we have with you both. You made Danny and I into the people we are today, and in my opinion, you both did a pretty darn good job :)

Also, to Rachael, you are doing such a good job raising our grandson Logan. We are very proud of you and the choices you have made. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. I hope you all take some time for yourselves and relax, do something fun, spend time with your families.

Thursday, May 10, 2012 tent

Part of my camping order arrived yesterday. Everything but the tent. I am hoping it will come soon so we can set it up in the yard and seal the seams, practice putting it up and basically get it (and us) ready to go camping! I am getting really excited about our Holiday World/Lake Rudolph trip.

Rachael had to take Logan to the Dr twice in the last week. He has some sort of eye infection. We at first thought pink eye, but now its looking like something else. He is now on antibiotic eye drops and oral antibiotics. It does not appear to be getting any better. He is going back to the Dr today.

I had a meeting after work yesterday at Crawdaddys in Cookeville. Such a great place to eat. Our speaker, Dr Jamison from Nashville was funny, entertaining and informative. Really a great combination. All in all it was a good day.

Well, the kids are off to school and Danny had to be to work by 6:30, so I have the house to myself for the next 45 minutes. Time go get ready for work myself :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Vacation plans!

We are planning our vacation this year to Holiday World in Santa Clause, Indiana. I have spent the last few years reading some great reviews and now its time to see for ourselves! I am getting very excited.

I reserved a spot in the Lake Rudolph campground, which is right across the street from the amusement park. There is a shuttle, so we wont have to drive once we get to the park.

Holiday World is a family run amusement park that includes a water park for the same admission price. We are leaving June 25th. It should take us no more than 4 hours to drive.

I have ordered a 3 room cabin tent to camp in at Lake Rudolph. The girls are less than excited about that, but I think it will be fun. I am hoping the tent purchase will allow us to visit more places that are not within our budget :-)

Speaking of budget, the campground fee is only $30 per night, which includes electric and water. We can also get our Holiday World tickets there for a discounted price, $65 a ticket for 2 days. Yes, that says 2 days! I am hoping this will become an annual trip for us. More to come, but for now, its time to go face my Monday :-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We will miss you Gramma Jane

Danny received a phone call early Saturday morning. His grandma had passed away during the night. She went to bed the night before and never woke up. Danny spent the majority of his teenage years living with Gramma Jane, so her passing was very difficult for him.

We spent Saturday washing laundry and preparing for a 12 hour drive to Michigan. We pulled out of our driveway around 6:30 pm on Saturday. The temps were in the high 60's and Taylor was wearing shorts. We were prepared for the colder weather to our North, but as we got further into Michigan, we began to see snow. Just a little at first, but more as we continued to drive.

The trip was uneventful and we arrived in West Branch, MI at 6am Sunday morning. The temperature was now a balmy 14 degrees with around 2 feet of snow on the ground. Poor Taylor still had his shorts on from the night before.

The plan had been for us to drive all night, then get in early and get a motel room so we could get a few hours sleep and freshen up before the family had to meet at the funeral home at 1:00. There were only a handful of rooms in the town, and to our dismay, they were all booked. Yup, every one of them. It seems that West Branch is popular with the snowmobilers, and the snow from the day before had brought everyone out. Every room was full.

Danny took us on a  small tour of the town, and after a quick call to his mom (who lives an hour and a half away) we decided to drop in on Grams sister, Aunt Honey who lives just a few blocks from the funeral home. After giving her a chance to get up and moving, we knocked on her door. We were welcomed into her home with open arms and spent the entire morning visiting with her. Such a sweet lady!

After the meeting at 1, we grabbed a bite to eat at McDonalds. Since the service would not take place until Tuesday, We all (Danny's sister, brother and families) made our way to Lake, MI to Dannys parents house for the night. The kids were able to get in a little sledding:

And everyone spent some time catching up and sharing great memories of Gram.

On Monday evening,we all headed back to West Branch. We were able to get 4 rooms at one the local hotels for the next few nights so we would be close and there would be more room for everyone to sleep, shower and change.

The hotel had a very nice indoor pool for the kids. They were able to get some swimming in and lots of cousin bonding time :)

Grams service was very nice. Memories were shared of her sweet, giving ways. Long ago days of camping, holiday pumpkin bread and "speaking her mind". Her solid work ethics and her "colorful vocabulary". But mostly, the love she had of others and especially her family. Gram left an indelible footprint in her families lives and she will be missed dearly.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More to come!

Danny and I took a huge leap of faith last night! I cant give a lot of information just yet, but trust me. This is big!

Stay tuned for more info to come!

No matter your circumstances, God will provide!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring break plans

Once again, the weekend is gone. Logan was here Friday night and slept all night for me. Considering he is almost 2, I was very happy :-)

Saturday morning Danny had to work. I loaded all 5 kids up (the girls each had a friend over) and we went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. 5 kids, coffee and sugary sweetness. What was I thinking???

After a stop at Sam's and the grocery store, we came home and Taylor and I made 10 gallons of laundry detergent. This is my first attempt at it, but if it works, I will be making more. It
was so cheap and easy to do!

We are getting ready to start a remodel on our upstairs bathroom. The previous owner installed a shower many years ago, covering a window. We have been noticing some moisture problems, and decided to pull out the old shower enclosure and start from scratch. I ordered the new faucet I wanted off of Ebay on Sunday. We will begin demolition this week :)

We have some friends coming over to do a business presentation this evening. I am very excited to hear about what they have found. More updates to come on that!

Spring break will be here in a few weeks and we want to take the kids to the Wilderness Indoor Water Park in Gatlinburg. I have been reading some "not so good" reviews online. I realize this is a "kids" vacation, and by no means will be relaxing for Danny and I, however, some of the reviews I am reading are really making me think twice. I'm going to keep researching and looking at options.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow :)

Its a nice snowy Sunday. A good day to just lay around inside and watch it snow. I had to send Danny and Taylor on a grocery seeking exbidition. I hope they are able to find some bread and milk :-)

Last week seemed to be a long week. Baily started tennis practice every day after school. Her coach is a good friend of ours and lives fairly close, so she is able to carpool with her. That is a nice bonus.

Logan spent the night Friday night. He changes so much from week to week. He will point at the Tv now and say "watch" So cute. We took him home on Saturday afternoon and picked up one of Bailey's friends to stay the night.

Danny and I had been enjoying a family series on Netflix called No Ordinary Family. Unfortunately, the show never made it past the first season. We enjoyed our daily 40 minute "date" every evening, so we have begun to watch Lost. By the end of season 1, episode 1, we were both hooked.

Today, the snow began to fall early. It is still snowing, the grass and trees are turning white, and it is very pretty. We all have a 3 day weekend, so a little laziness is in order for the rest of the day.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wow what a week!

The first of the month is typically a busy one for me at work. This week was just that. I always get overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to get accomplished, but somehow it always comes together by the end of the week.

Taylor spent the week learning how to be Orville Wright. He had to complete a biography and timeline. Today he will give a report in costume for his class. This is his first major assignment and he has worked very hard on it. We all learned a little about The Wright Brothers this week!

On Wednesday, Danny and I received word from school that a bomb threat had been made. Now, I realize this probably happens quite often in the big city schools, but here in our little town, it was a pretty scary deal. School was delayed for 2 hours on Thursday to give police a chance to search for anything suspicious. The students were then searched on their way into the building. Luckily, the day went uneventfully.

I am having problems with my blog updates. For Christmas this year, Danny bought me a Kindle Fire. I absolutely love it! I use it constantly for the internet. However, when I use it to update my blog posts, it will only accept so much text and it will not let me complete the post. I then have to log onto my laptop to finish. The laptop is slow and on its last leg, so I find myself constantly putting off the blog. I am hoping to find a resolution to this soon.

The weekend has passed quickly and, as usual and here we are at the beginning of a brand new week.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another week has come and gone

Is it just me, or does time feel as though it is on fast forward? 2012 no sooner arrived, and here we are at the end of January. I've always heard folks say the older you get, the faster time moves, but this is a little rediculous!

Anyone who knows me knows that I spent 18 years in an unhappy marriage. We had 3 (super) kids together, and I was determined to put my unhappiness aside to create the appearance of the perfect family. It didn't work. We had different goals in life and his did not include a family. Looking back, those 18 years seemed like a lifetime for me.

I am now married to my soul mate. Our families have blended well, and I am convinced we were meant to be together. Only problem is, apparently when you are happy, time really does fly!

Last week was uneventful. Logan spent Friday night with us, and Rachael started a new job.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our weekend

Friday morning we were up at 4am. Morgans friend Ashley had spent the night and they were leaving school at 5:30 for a field trip to Atlanta, Ga. The trip had already been rescheduled because of last weeks snow. They spent the day touring the Coke museum and the CNN building. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. The bus got back to school at midnight. A long long day for them!

Morgan slept most of the day Saturday. I did some housework and tried to rest some to get rid of this nasty sore throat and cough. Our friends Larry and Tracy came by for a few hours to visit.

Sunday was another lazy day. Watched some Laurel and Hardy on Netflix and watched the weather. We are supposed to get some nasty storms later. Hopefully, they will pass quickly and uneventfully :)

A surprise (and welcome) phone call

This week was fairly uneventful. We were all a little puny. Lots of sinus congestion, drainage and sore throats. Not enough to keep anyone home from school or work.

Wednesday after work I had a meeting at a local restaurant called Nicks. Great food and the guest speaker was interesting and funny. That's always a plus :)

Thursday evening, I was browsing Facebook and the name Kennedy popped out at me. (that was my maiden name) It didn't take me long to locate some cousins I had lost contact with back in the 80s. It wasn't long before my phone rang and my cousin Billy was on the other end. We spent about 45 minutes just catching up. That conversation is the whole reason I have a facebook account. Its so nice to reunite with family :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

The rest of last week is a blur. Danny finally made it back home on Saturday evening around 7pm. That was after blowing a tire and spending a morning getting that repaired, then dealing with snow in New York.

We had some snow here as well on Thursday. The day started off fairly warm (high 50's low 60's) with lots of rain. Around noon, the temperatures began to drop dramatically. The rain quickly turned to sleet, then snow. By 4pm the grassy areas were covered. We left work at 5pm to a wet parking lot and within the 10 minutes it took me to thaw my windshield, the parking lot was white. Brad turned his vehicle around and come back to get me.

Not only was it snowing hard, but the wind was blowing 20 to 30mph making it very difficult to see. We made it to my house, and Brad and his wife made it home safely. I'm sure I would have been sitting on the side of the road come morning if not for the ride home. I don't do well on snow and ice and appreciate the people who do!

Sunday was spent relaxing with Danny and catching up his laundry from the week. Tomorrow is MLK Day. The kids are out of school, but it's back to work for us.

Monday - back to the grindstone

The weekend sure flew by FAST! On Saturday, we all hung out with Logan most of the day. Danny prepared for a trip out of town. His job is taking him to North Carolina first, then to Pennsylvania. Next stop New Jersey, then New York. His plan was to be back home by Wednesday night. I have known him long enough to know that he ALWAYS underestimates his time.

The trip started on schedule, but it was all downhill from there. 3 hours from home, the engine on the truck blew. The only option at this point was to send another truck, and transfer the load. However, the only available truck was already loaded and not scheduled for delivery until Sunday morning.

Soooooo, Danny and Billy got a room for the night. The next day was spent waiting on a truck, then transferring the load from one truck to the other. One more night in the motel.

While Danny was on his out of town adventure, I did manage, with some help from the kids, to get the Christmas decorations taken down (finally) and put my house back to normal. As much as I hated to see the beautiful tree go for the year, I was glad to have that chore behind me :)

Monday morning, the first leg of Danny's trip finally got underway. They were making a small delivery in Charlotte, NC, then headed up to Pennsylvania to deliver the remainder of the truck.

I worked all day, came home to dinner already prepared by Morgan, and we enjoyed a relaxing evening at home.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally the weekend!

We were finally able to get Morgan in to see Dr Nelson Friday morning. By then, her hands were no longer blue, but we kept the appointment anyway. I had taken some photos on my phone and he had me send them to him.

Dr Nelson is pretty sure she has Reynauds phenomenon. Basically, the arteries in her wrists constrict and do not allow blood to return from her hands, causing the color change. It can also cause tingling or pain, neither of which she has experienced.

This is a condition that usually shows itself between the ages of 15 and 30 (Morgan is 14) and is more prevalent in females. The cause is unknown, however cold weather is thought to bring it on. Keeping her hands warm is what he suggested to her.

There is a blood pressure medication that may help if this becomes a problem for her. This will be a last resort, as we will then have to deal with some side effects.

Our doctor is going to forward my pics and his notes on to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. He feels the docs there have more experience with the condition and may have some further input. Meanwhile, I will be buying her some hánd warmers to keep in her pocket :)

I worked the rest of the day, then Danny met me with the kids (including Logan) and we headed to Baxter to meet some friends for dinner at the Whistle Stop. Our friend Wayne plays in a Christian rock band, which was playing at the restaurant.

We ordered a couple pizzas and enjoyed the live music for a few hours. Once Logan started getting sleepy, it was time to head home for the night.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 21012

School was not cancelled today. Only 1 hour late. Looks like the kids will get to ease back into our regular school routine. My New Years resolution this year is to get up at 5am which is only 30 minutes earlier than normal. The bus picks up the kids at 6:15, and I think this will make my mornings go a little smoother.

Work was a little less hectic today. When I got home Morgan greeted me with blue hands. Looks like I will be calling the doc tomorrow. Not sure what's that's about, but it cant be good.

January 3, 2012

Today was back to work for me after a long weekend. I knew I was in for a busy day, and I was right.

The kids were to return to school today, however, what was forecasted as "flurries" turned into a disaster for road conditions. There was no accumulation but the roads iced over and forced a large stretch of the interstate to close. That, in turn, caused schools to close for the day.

Danny took the kids to the doctor for Taylor's follow-up. It seems he thought it was a good idea to put a pencil eraser in each ear. The doctor was able to get one out easily, however, the other they put him to sleep and surgically removed it. Everything looked good today. I don't think he will be doing that again!

By the time I got home from work, Danny had made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. How nice after a long day at work! After dinner, I kicked his butt at a game of Monopoly and we called it a night.

Today's "Funny things that Taylor says"

Me: There's nothing worse than a drunk at a bar trying to pick you up.
Taylor: Yes there is. 2 drunks at a bar trying to pick you up :)

He got me there!

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

I had the day off today, but Danny had to work. My goal was to have the Christmas decorations put away and my house clean and back to "normal".

Rachael and Logan came by around 8:30am. They hung out most of the morning then left to take Morgan to get her hair cut. I did some laundry and played around with my new Kindle Fire. Noon, and still no progress with the decorations. Hmmmmmm.

Took a trip to WalMart for groceries and some office supplies. Not my favorite place to shop, but definately the most convenient. By the time I got home, put everything away and started dinner, all hope was gone for putting away all the decorations.

Tomorrow is back to work for me and back to school for the kids. We had a light dusting of snow earlier. Not enough to close schools here, but the interstate was closed for a time due to ice. Oh, the joys of living in the hills of Tennessee :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2012. Wow! Where did 2011 go? We ushered in the new year at home with our friends Lori and Rod Thomas. We have known the Thomas' since 1994, and celebrating New Years Eve together has become a tradition we all enjoy. Good food, laughter and sharing memories. What better way to send out the old and bring in the new!

I had a great birthday today. On 1/1/1968, I was the first baby born in Easton Memorial Hospital. I now enjoy the New Year another year older each time. Rachael and Jordan spent the afternoon with us and Danny brought home ice cream cake.

A great day spent at home with family. I wouldn't want it any other way!

Here's to 2012. A new year filled with opportunities waiting to be discovered.