Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wow what a week!

The first of the month is typically a busy one for me at work. This week was just that. I always get overwhelmed by the amount of work I need to get accomplished, but somehow it always comes together by the end of the week.

Taylor spent the week learning how to be Orville Wright. He had to complete a biography and timeline. Today he will give a report in costume for his class. This is his first major assignment and he has worked very hard on it. We all learned a little about The Wright Brothers this week!

On Wednesday, Danny and I received word from school that a bomb threat had been made. Now, I realize this probably happens quite often in the big city schools, but here in our little town, it was a pretty scary deal. School was delayed for 2 hours on Thursday to give police a chance to search for anything suspicious. The students were then searched on their way into the building. Luckily, the day went uneventfully.

I am having problems with my blog updates. For Christmas this year, Danny bought me a Kindle Fire. I absolutely love it! I use it constantly for the internet. However, when I use it to update my blog posts, it will only accept so much text and it will not let me complete the post. I then have to log onto my laptop to finish. The laptop is slow and on its last leg, so I find myself constantly putting off the blog. I am hoping to find a resolution to this soon.

The weekend has passed quickly and, as usual and here we are at the beginning of a brand new week.

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