Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another great weekend

Here we are at the end of another great weekend. Nothing spectacular. Just hung out with Danny and the kids. To me, those are the best ones!

The girls had a "bonding meeting" with the dance team at the sk8 on Sunday afternoon. Dance camp starts on Monday and the coach thought it would be good to get all the girls together to get to know each other. Considering they will be spending 9 hours together every day next week, it was probably a pretty good idea. They had a good time.

On Saturday, the kids and I went to Keelie's first bd party at Standing Stone State Park. (Keelie is Logans little sister). She turned 1 and we had a good time getting to meet the other side of the family. (Got to hang out with Logan while we were there too).

Keelie got lots of great gifts and had fun smashing cake all over.

Sunday is winding down now and we are all gearing up for a week of work, camp for Taylor and Dance camp for the girls. Only 2 more weeks til Baily's bd and 3 weeks til vacation.

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