Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 1 of vacation in the books

As I suspected, Friday lasted an eternity! I finally made it to 5:00 and headed to camp to pick up Taylor. He managed to get through 2 entire weeks without getting 1 disciplinary form! Oh, the difference an incentive can make :) We had been giving him hints every day about what his surprise was that he was working so hard for. By Friday evening, he still had not figured it out, so we told him.

Our girls are the same age, therefore have each other to hang out with during vacation. That normally leaves Danny, Taylor and I. We thought it would be nice for him to be able to bring a friend along. So, Taylor's friend Chase will be joining us this week. That will give him a little buddy to ride the rides with and I think we will all have a more enjoyable week.

After picking up Taylor, we drove to Rachael's and collected Logan for the night. He was so excited to see us. I love having him on Friday nights. We came home and played in the pool for about an hour, then had dinner. Baily spent the night with her cousin Jessica and Morgan stayed with her dad, so it was just me and the boys (Danny included).

On Saturday after Logan left I did some cleaning, picked up Baily and we headed to town to do some shopping. Morgan met up with us there and we then went to our friend Leah's Premier Jewelry party. Our girls day out was alot of fun and we all three wound up with a fun new necklace.

We leave on Monday to Lake Rudolph Campground. We will get the tent set up and Tuesday it is off to Holiday World. We will have wifi access in the campground, so I may try and post pics daily if I have any energy left at the end of each day!