Friday, June 15, 2012

Off on yet another quest

Yet another week is coming to a close. They do go by quickly! Baily did a week of summer school to bring up her grade in algebra. Today will be her last day and I know she is glad!

Thursday was her birthday. She turned 15 and cant wait to go take the test for her permit. I'm sure that will happen next wweek. She asked for meatball subs for her birthday and Taylor helped me pick her out a small cake. She is having a party on Saturday, but i wanted to do something on her birthday as well.

We ordered her a new phone earlier in the week, and it came right on time! More updates on the party in a few days.

On a sad note, one of Baily's classmates passed away this week and another is in critical condition. Three boys were riding bicycles on the road after dark. It was hard to see them and they were struck by a truck. James was killed. Only 16 years old. Such a sad accident. His friend is still in pretty bad shape and we are praying for him and all the families involved.

Danny and I are off on another adventure. I have created a blog specifically for our new business Grams Mini Donuts for anyone who wants to follow along.

We are pretty excited about adding this new delicacy to our area. It is going to be a fun way to achieve our goals for the future.

Off to get my Friday started.


  1. Hi Trina, I found your blog from Sherry's, "In The Direction of Our Dreams." Yours caught my eye because you mentioned Tennessee. I live in East TN so thought I'd check it out. I love following blogs of people who live nearby. I've enjoyed reading some of your backposts and can't wait for your reports about the vacation in the three-room tent and the great donut adventure. Should be fun!! Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon! Nice to meet people who are local. Welcome to our little blog. Glad to have you along!