Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally the weekend!

We were finally able to get Morgan in to see Dr Nelson Friday morning. By then, her hands were no longer blue, but we kept the appointment anyway. I had taken some photos on my phone and he had me send them to him.

Dr Nelson is pretty sure she has Reynauds phenomenon. Basically, the arteries in her wrists constrict and do not allow blood to return from her hands, causing the color change. It can also cause tingling or pain, neither of which she has experienced.

This is a condition that usually shows itself between the ages of 15 and 30 (Morgan is 14) and is more prevalent in females. The cause is unknown, however cold weather is thought to bring it on. Keeping her hands warm is what he suggested to her.

There is a blood pressure medication that may help if this becomes a problem for her. This will be a last resort, as we will then have to deal with some side effects.

Our doctor is going to forward my pics and his notes on to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. He feels the docs there have more experience with the condition and may have some further input. Meanwhile, I will be buying her some hánd warmers to keep in her pocket :)

I worked the rest of the day, then Danny met me with the kids (including Logan) and we headed to Baxter to meet some friends for dinner at the Whistle Stop. Our friend Wayne plays in a Christian rock band, which was playing at the restaurant.

We ordered a couple pizzas and enjoyed the live music for a few hours. Once Logan started getting sleepy, it was time to head home for the night.

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