Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monday - back to the grindstone

The weekend sure flew by FAST! On Saturday, we all hung out with Logan most of the day. Danny prepared for a trip out of town. His job is taking him to North Carolina first, then to Pennsylvania. Next stop New Jersey, then New York. His plan was to be back home by Wednesday night. I have known him long enough to know that he ALWAYS underestimates his time.

The trip started on schedule, but it was all downhill from there. 3 hours from home, the engine on the truck blew. The only option at this point was to send another truck, and transfer the load. However, the only available truck was already loaded and not scheduled for delivery until Sunday morning.

Soooooo, Danny and Billy got a room for the night. The next day was spent waiting on a truck, then transferring the load from one truck to the other. One more night in the motel.

While Danny was on his out of town adventure, I did manage, with some help from the kids, to get the Christmas decorations taken down (finally) and put my house back to normal. As much as I hated to see the beautiful tree go for the year, I was glad to have that chore behind me :)

Monday morning, the first leg of Danny's trip finally got underway. They were making a small delivery in Charlotte, NC, then headed up to Pennsylvania to deliver the remainder of the truck.

I worked all day, came home to dinner already prepared by Morgan, and we enjoyed a relaxing evening at home.

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