Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our weekend

Friday morning we were up at 4am. Morgans friend Ashley had spent the night and they were leaving school at 5:30 for a field trip to Atlanta, Ga. The trip had already been rescheduled because of last weeks snow. They spent the day touring the Coke museum and the CNN building. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. The bus got back to school at midnight. A long long day for them!

Morgan slept most of the day Saturday. I did some housework and tried to rest some to get rid of this nasty sore throat and cough. Our friends Larry and Tracy came by for a few hours to visit.

Sunday was another lazy day. Watched some Laurel and Hardy on Netflix and watched the weather. We are supposed to get some nasty storms later. Hopefully, they will pass quickly and uneventfully :)

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